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What kinds of wedding dress fabrics are popular in recent years? Which kind of fabric is fit for you? I will list six most popular wedding dress fabrics for you and help you find a wedding dress suits you well.

Lacework and lace sweep are very common seen in wedding dress designs. This wedding dress material is light and exquisite, many girls use it to express their romantic temperament. In the past, lace is used in small areas. In recent years, many wedding dress designers use lace in large areas of ​​the wedding dress, they use lace on the shoulders, waist and even entire outermost sweep, vaguely exposed the skin of the bride and inner fabrics, really graceful. Lace enhances the noble sense of the wedding dress. The cost for full lace wedding dress is relatively high, but good embroidery and compact design make lace wedding favored by many brides. Find newly launched lace wedding dresses at

Imitation silk
Imitation silk, also known as Man-made fibers, is very suitable fabric for simple wedding dress, you can achieve a good physique modification effect with this fabric. If you are a big-boned girl, you can choose a imitation silk wedding dress with simple design, you’d better avoid the complex embellishment on the waist and hip, you can highlight the simple and smooth feeling that imitation silk brings to us. What’s more, imitation silk is very cheap.

Silk fabrics are luxury, noble and lightweight. Most brides choose silk as wedding dress material, silk fabric enable the bride a sense of noble. You should pay special attention to all silk wedding dresses in maintenance and cleaning work, silk wedding dresses require professional cleaning method, if you do not pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance, the texture of silk will be hurt. A great collection about silk wedding dress, just click at

Organza is hard and has a sense of support. The wedding dresses designed by French designers are usually made of organza. Organza is widely used in the lining of many ball gown wedding dresses to make the wedding dress stand.


Which dress fabric do you love most? 


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