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What is best age to get married?

What is best age to get married? This is a question that many people are asking and facing. For traditional people, they certainly still hope for early marriage, while others who advocate free life may not want to get married so early, they always feel that marriage is bondage.

For many people, the time when people get married are largely affected by the pressure from the parents, living environment and income. I believe that most people do not want to get married too early. Personally, I think people who say that they enjoy single life and do not want to be bound by marriage will get married soon if they found their predestined people. The various reasons are just excuses.

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Usually, people have lower income and education level are likely to get married in early ages. While people who have received high level of education and have relatively stable and high incomes would enjoy single lives and do not want to get married in haste.

The nature of marriage is no longer pure because of utilitarian and other reasons. Many marriages are doped with too much interest factors. I believe this is also an important reason that many people are afraid of marriage. They are afraid that hasty marriage would bring incurable hurt.

Anyway, no matter what your view of marriage is, if you wish your life to be perfect, you should have a marriage. No matter your marriage will be bad or good, you can judge the marriage only when you have experienced. Give yourself a little courage, don’t be afraid of being hurt, hurt can only make you more mature and the happiness will be hidden beneath the wound scar.

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If you're about to get married, I wish you happiness. If you are still a person living alone, I wish you can be positive and find the other half of your life bravely. Each stage of life is very beautiful, you should do the things that you ought to be in particular stage, go with the flow and enjoy life!  


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