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Guides on choosing bridal headpiece

Bridal headbands or headpiece can add some sparkle to a wedding ensemble. I believe many brides wish to be true princesses on their special day. Apart from a stunning wedding dress, you also need some accessories to make you look like a true princess. Do you want a luxury wedding veil or a glittering eye-catching tiara? Here are some great ideas on choosing bridal headpiece.


Veil, or not? That’s the big question for 2015 brides! Wedding headpieces are the new rage for the modern bride. There is a plethora of options to wear on your wedding day, not just the traditional bridal veil any longer. Lots of modern brides opt to wear a veil for the ceremony and then swap the veil out for a pretty hair accessory for the reception. The 2015 bridal runways showed anything from intricate jewel design pieces to dramatic pearl head pieces that merge into the hair style to give the illusion of being part of your hair. With the success of the film "The Great Gatsby", many 1920s inspired wedding gowns and headbands became quite popular this year. Click here for 1920s inspired wedding gowns

Compared to wedding veils, headpieces stay in place well and require little maintenance. What's more, they help secure your hair! Also, if you have a hair out of place, all of the sparkles and jewels are quite the distraction, so nobody can notice even the slightest imperfections. I love the diversity of wedding headbands available to brides because the styles vary to accommodate every bride and venue from: boho style, destination wedding, high class country club to an outdoor rustic estate.

A wedding is an important event that brides might plan for years. Unfortunately, weddings can be very expensive. To stretch a wedding budget farther, brides can consider wearing used headpiece. Before purchasing this type of used bridal hair accessory, brides-to-be should examine the headband or tiara for any damage. The first way to check for loose rhinestones or crystals is simply looking at a headband or tiara for evidence of any raised stones or setting prongs. You can lightly rub your hands over the surface of the headband or tiara to feel for raised areas that could signify that a stone is becoming loose.

Hope all of your princess dream would come true on your big day! Be a real princess with the gorgeous lace bridal gown from LunaDress. 

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