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How to wear it: Statement necklace

Statement necklaces are big trends now. Right statement necklace can highlight your look and bring your outfit to upper level. If you want to keep you look basic with a few unexpected accents, choose statement necklace. Statement necklaces are my favorite accessories. If you are also a fan of statement necklaces, read on. Here are some ideas on styling statement necklaces.
A statement necklace, preferably with a touch of sparkle or eye-blinding gleam, will perk you up when you’re feeling down. Usually, light and bright colors close to your face will make your complexion look brighter, and you’ll look more awake. If you want to distract from a curvy belly – like when you’re newly pregnant but not quite ready to announce it, or if you’ve just had extra helpings for dinner, you can opt for a show-stopping necklace to draw attention to your gorgeous face. If you have a larger chest, and don’t like anything too clunky over your bust-line, go for a finer weight necklace that still has some interest.  If you are petite and worry that a long necklace will overwhelm your figure consider having the necklace shortened to a length that works for your height and look for a finer piece that isn’t too bulky.
Here are some celebrity statement necklace styles
Kim Kardashian evoked major sophistication while attending The 2010 Angel Ball. Her emerald and diamond statement necklace was the perfect way to bring her black gown to life. View similar black gowns at
Actress Katerina Graham, from 'The Vampire Diaries' rocked a bold clown faced statement necklace. Love this exaggerated necklace so much. 
Singer Nicole Scherzinger posed in the press room at the 2007 American Music Awards held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE on November 18, 2007 in Los Angeles, California. Nicole paired her strapless mini dress with a matching black statement necklace for extra flair.
Tips on wearing statement necklace
1.       When donning a bold necklace, it is important to keep the rest of your look simple and sleek. Let the necklace make the statement.
2.       While you can have statement necklaces in colors, having one that is gold or silver, depending on preference, will get you the most mileage because it will match everything you wear while adding a pop.
3.       Look for one that can easily go from day to night with ease if you want to get the most mileage out of a statement necklace.
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