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Bridal Beauty Trends You Must Try


(img: 2015 beach wedding gowns UK)

The wedding day is one of the most important days for many women. For those who are looking for the latest wedding fashion trends, here are two very popular wedding beauty trends you must try if you wish look special and unique on your big day.

Jewellery tattoos

This wedding season, ditch conventional heavy jewellery; instead, accessorize your wrists, neck, ankles or any part of the body with dainty, shimmering metallic tattoos.

How to use them:
You can apply them just like regular temporary tattoos. They last anywhere between four and six days (unless you scratch them off), withstanding water, sweat, soap etc., and fade eventually.

To remove the tattoo:
Soak a paper towel in baby oil, coconut oil, or any oil-based make-up remover and rub the area to remove the decal.

Flip side manicure

Needless to say, you need long nails to sport the trend. "With more and more people sporting long nails, thanks to the support of gels, it was a matter of time before this trend came in. Like jewellery, nails are also an accessory nowadays," said nail expert Krishna Banerjee.

The best part is you need not go to a parlour for this. You can easily DIY.

First, stick a small jewel or glitters and go for bright colors that pop out. You can also go for colors that compliment the front side or go for complete contrasting colours. Then you can put a plain polish on the front, and have fun by adding glitters etc on the underside. You can shade the front side of the nail, and use one of the colours on the underside. keep in mind that you should not let the paint on your underside chip. Else, it might look like you have dirt underneath. So what are you waiting for? Go experiment with colours, rhinestones and stickers!

Will you try then on your wedding day? Know more wedding fashion trends, pleas visit at Luna Dress.

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Homecoming Dress Trends for 2014 – 2015 Season

The homecoming is a big event for many high school students. But do you know how to select the perfect homecoming dress? What are the homecoming dress trends in this season? I this post, I would tell you the most hot homecoming dress trends for this year and help you to find a suitable homecoming dress.


This is homecoming, not prom. While prom is about long trains, pomp, and circumstance, homecoming gives teens a chance to break out the sequined, satin, knee-length frocks and dance the night away worry-free! You don’t need to go all out on the outfit. You just need look as good as you want to look and have a fun time. If you have great legs, show them off with a dress that falls just above the knee. Curvy legged gals may look better at or just below the knee with a nice heel.


This is a great time to pull out that L.B.D. When you don’t know what to wear, choose black. A little black dress is always in style and makes a chic and sexy fashion statement. You can’t go wrong. As long as you have chosen the right size and cut, you will look eye-catching and charming on the homecoming party. If you do not wish to look too dull, add slight color with a cream bag & earrings.

Blue is always a popular color. There are many shades of blue. And in this season, the deep blue homecoming dresses are especially hot. No one should have the blues on their homecoming night, darling – unless they’re coming from your dress! Blue is the most dominant of the “cool” colors, and you'll exude cool charm and sophistication in blue homecoming dress.

The high low hem- high in the front and low in the back, is very slenderizing. High low prom dresses will never go out of style. High low dresses are making a strong come back for 2014 – 2015 season. High low prom dresses give you the glamour of a long evening gown with the comfort and youthful style of a short dress.

Cheap homecoming dresses are ready for your purchase at LunaDress. All the dresses are designed very well. You even cannot say no to any one of these beautiful dresses. Check the dress collection at LunaDress. You will fall in love with them. There are also many gorgeous prom dresses and evening dresses on sale for you. Pay a visit to LunaDress, you will not regret about your decision.


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Steal the Blondes' Styles in Hitchcock Films

The films were filled with fresh beauty ideas that would be perfect for your everyday dress and special occasion dress. Let’s list some charming blondes in Hitchcock films and see if we can steal some of their styles in the films for our daily look or special occasion look.

Ingrid Bergman, Notorious, 1946
Ingrid Bergman had a legend lifetime. She got extraordinary achievements during her film career. She was the woman that loved by director Alfred Hitchcock in his whole life. She admired Alfred’s excellent movie talent and had starred in three Hitchcock films. Of all the Hitchcock films she starred in, the film "Notorious" id the most famous. Ingrid Bergman was known as "Hollywood First Lady". She was elegant and had wonderful fashion taste. You can steal her look in the film for your fall party.



Eva Marie Saint, North by Northwest, 1959
“North by Northwest” was directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1959. It was said that Alfred was not satisfied with the costumes that the film company designed for Eva Marie Saint. He took Eva Marie Saint to Bergdorf Goodman to select the film costumes, most of the clothes appeared in this film came from that shopping mall. Look at this boat neck dress. This dress was a typical 1950s style dress. It still looked amazing in today’s aesthetic vision.



Marlene Dietrich, Stage Fright, 1950
Marlene Dietrich was the dream lover of many fans. She was such a charming lady that fashion designer Giorgio Armani had talked about the impact of Marlene Dietrich on his style for more than once. We can still see the unique and mysterious elegance that belonged to Marlene Dietrich in many of Armani’s designs.



Tippi Hedren, Marnie, 1964
Tippi Hedren was a glamorous blonde. She showed her excellent superb acting to her film fans. She acted in the film “Marnie” in 1964. Her neutral look in this film captured the hearts of countless fans. Until now, the classic pants she wore are still irreplaceable trend in fashion circle.



Grace Kelly, Rear Window, 1954
The black and white dress that Grace Kelly wore in the film “Rear Window” was so impressive that we can still see dresses which were inspired by “New Look” on the runways of Dior and Oscar de la Renta. Grace Kelly’s elegant and sexy style influenced several generations. You can steal Grace Kelly’s look for your bid day. View similar wedding dresses at LunaDress.



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