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Useful Beauty Tips for Groom

I believe that everyone wishes to show his/her best side on once-in-a-lifetime wedding. The brides are undoubtedly the focus of the crowd. So many brides spend lots of time and money on choosing wedding dress and doing makeup. Compared to the brides, the grooms tend to spend less time and money on wedding day beauty. However, the groom is also the focus of the wedding, so it’s quite important for the groom to dress him up carefully. Here are some beauty tips for the groom.

Shave the face

Shaving face is very important and necessary. You will look clean and full of spirit after you have shaved your face. What’s more, remember to prune nasal hair! Don’t let your nasal hair to destroy your wedding photography.

One shoulder mermaid wedding dress

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Clean and cut your nails

People may not notice your nails in your daily life, but they will pay attention to your hands and nails on your wedding day. The bride would feel uncomfortable if your nails are very dirty when you are changing the wedding rings.

switch wedding ring

Take care of your skin

If your skin condition is not very good, you’d better go to beauty salons for professional skin care. Or you can buy some facial masks and do skincare at home.

Enjoy massage before the wedding

Preparing the wedding is really exhausting and tiring. If you wish to relax yourself, you can enjoy a comfortable massage before your wedding.

Whiten your teeth

Yellow teeth will greatly reduce your charm. Whitening your teeth is really necessary! What’s more, white and clean teeth will make your smile brighter on your wedding day.

wedding photography

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Choose a suitable hairstyle

Don’t try completely new hairstyle on your wedding day! If you cut a terribly stupid haircut on your wedding day, you will regret for a lifetime. So, you’d better hire an experienced hair stylist. If you want to avoid accidents, you can cut your hair a month before your wedding, you still have time to let the hair grow back in case of “accidents”. Once your new hairstyle is proved to be acclaimed, you can re-trim your hair a week before your wedding.

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Hot Ethnic Styles On The Catwalk

With the end of the major fashion weeks in succession, ethnic style dresses are becoming popular gradually. Many major clothes brands competed to launch ethnic clothes, a lot of stars appeared in ethnic costumes. However, each branch of the world’s peoples are prominent and distinct, how to identify different ethnic styles?

Mysterious Orient
Puritanical parcels, minstrel-like armor, Japanese-style jacket, Southeast Asian style Buddhist printing, these are typical elements of oriental ethnic costumes. In this season, the fashion designers add personal exotic colors to the clothes in the original scope of the exotic. We can see many staggered bundled dress, drape-style dress and bright tropical prints in this year’s Fashion Week, these all show typical national culture and religious warmth of love.

Orient dress on catwalk 2014

Lonely aristocrat from the Mediterranean
Luxurious bronzing, gold and silver coins, baroque prints and three-dimensional decoration, simple Sicilian muffled, all expressing the favor of the fashion industry for Mediterranean – the birthplace of European civilization. We can see the mix of the ancient Greek and Roman cultures in Dolce & Gabbana’s show.

Mediterranean dress

Ornate floral embroidery in Eastern Europe
Dries Van Noten and Alberta Ferretti invariably chose the luxury floral embroidery in this season. Satin and tulle fabrics were decorated with various forms of delicate flowers, building unparalleled gorgeous and romantic feelings. Whether you look at fashion magazines, or step into your favorite boutiques, you can easily find Russia and Eastern Europe style clothes. Slavs style is deeply affecting the entire design community.

Day 1 - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Moscow Autumn/Winter 2014-2015
Romantic Bohemian style
Casual and loose knee-length skirt and large ubiquitous tassel are the key elements of bohemian clothes. Bohemian is not only a symbol of clothes with tassels, wrinkles and big skirt, it also become synonymous with free, easy and passionate. You may check romantic maxi dresses at LunaDress.

Bohemian style

Wild Indian style
Indian has very distinctive shape characteristics, such as wearing feathers on the head, hanging marine organisms or animal bones as necklines and wearing grass skirts. If you have a special favor for the wild Indian style, you may try it in this summer.

Indian style on catwalk

Unrestrained Aboriginal African style
The dry plants, wild animals, tribal music, mysterious totem in Africa have been presented on the catwalk for many times. American designers’ tribal feelings are the most straightforward. Diane von Furstenberg directly named the series “Oasis”, depicting ecological map showing sun rising and falling in Africa. While Donna Karan used handmade leather and primitive hunting tools to express African style to us.

Diane von Furstenberg 2014

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Are Long Dresses Patent For Tall Girls

Do you like the feeling of glamour and grace? Then you should choose the elegant long dresses. However, many petite girls think that long dresses are patent for tall girls? Is it true? Of course not! In fact, small girls can still wear long dresses! In this article, I will let you know that the long dresses are not just suit for tall and slim girls. You can still be charming and elegant in floor length dress even your height is below 162cm! I will offer you five dressing ideas.

First, you can wear your long dress with a slim vest. Usually, small girls would appear shorter in maxi dresses. The long dress sweep will draw people’s attention to the bottom. So if you want to shift the focus, you can choose a little jacket or a vest with light colors to wear with the long dress.


Second, match your dress with a T-shirt. If you want people to focus on the top of your body, you can choose a T-shirt with unique patterns on the chest. In this case, people will not notice your height.


Third, wear bags with metallic colors. If you choose long dresses, then you’d better wear too small and too delicate bags. Large metallic colored bags are very popular in this year. You can increase your fashion degree in seconds with such a stylish bag.

Fourth, choose a long sleeve shirt. Keep this in mind: keeping all the clothes and accessories simple will make you look more beautiful. A simple long sleeve shirt can further reduce the roadbed height visually.


Fifth, wear a plain white round neck shirt. Hairs with a little inflated sense will make you look charming and elegant. If you have long hairs, you can simply tie them up with a rubber band.

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