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Must-haves for An Elegant Lady

The word "elegant" is the best interpretation of the attractive temperament and characteristics of a perfect woman. Who is the most elegant woman in your heart? Is it Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn or Coco Chanel? Speaking of elegant women, French women are definitely the model of elegant women. They are good at showing their elegance. Here are five must-haves for elegant French women.


First, tasteful clothing

The French ladies know how to dress to show their best side. We seldom see French women wearing floral shirt with floral shorts. Or they will be ridiculed as "the little woman in Portugal". The clothes of the French ladies wear on the street may not be very luxurious. But all of the clothes are well-matched.


Second, little black dress

If you open a French lady’s closet, you would always find a perfect little black dress. They are deeply impressed by Miss Chanel. They believe that a woman will not have future if she does not have a little black dress. The best accessory to match with the little black dress is the noble pearl necklace. Browse best selling little black party dresses at


Third, high heels

Coco Chanel once said that a woman would not be ugly if she had a pair of beautiful high heels. Unless a last resort, the elegant French woman would never go out with sneakers. Their concepts for the shoes are high heels, boots and elegant ballet shoes.


Fourth, silk scarf

Most French women believe that a Hermes scarf makes a woman more elegant. The French women seem born to know how to tie the silk scarves in elegant ways. They would tie the silk scarves around their bags, on their wrists, or around the heads… They are always so creative.

Grace Kelly

Fifth, brooch

Brooches can definitely highlight a woman’s unique charm. From the brooches the woman wears, we can know her fashion taste.


An elegant lady is not necessarily very pretty. But she should know how to dress herself in the best way. If you are a lady who love your life and maintain self-esteem, you must know how to dress beautifully. Follow at to get more fashion and beauty inspiration.



Useful Beauty Tips for Groom

I believe that everyone wishes to show his/her best side on once-in-a-lifetime wedding. The brides are undoubtedly the focus of the crowd. So many brides spend lots of time and money on choosing wedding dress and doing makeup. Compared to the brides, the grooms tend to spend less time and money on wedding day beauty. However, the groom is also the focus of the wedding, so it’s quite important for the groom to dress him up carefully. Here are some beauty tips for the groom.

Shave the face

Shaving face is very important and necessary. You will look clean and full of spirit after you have shaved your face. What’s more, remember to prune nasal hair! Don’t let your nasal hair to destroy your wedding photography.

One shoulder mermaid wedding dress

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Clean and cut your nails

People may not notice your nails in your daily life, but they will pay attention to your hands and nails on your wedding day. The bride would feel uncomfortable if your nails are very dirty when you are changing the wedding rings.

switch wedding ring

Take care of your skin

If your skin condition is not very good, you’d better go to beauty salons for professional skin care. Or you can buy some facial masks and do skincare at home.

Enjoy massage before the wedding

Preparing the wedding is really exhausting and tiring. If you wish to relax yourself, you can enjoy a comfortable massage before your wedding.

Whiten your teeth

Yellow teeth will greatly reduce your charm. Whitening your teeth is really necessary! What’s more, white and clean teeth will make your smile brighter on your wedding day.

wedding photography

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Choose a suitable hairstyle

Don’t try completely new hairstyle on your wedding day! If you cut a terribly stupid haircut on your wedding day, you will regret for a lifetime. So, you’d better hire an experienced hair stylist. If you want to avoid accidents, you can cut your hair a month before your wedding, you still have time to let the hair grow back in case of “accidents”. Once your new hairstyle is proved to be acclaimed, you can re-trim your hair a week before your wedding.

Please follow at to find more wedding and fashion inspiration!


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Famous "Bad Women" in Films

The film “Maleficent” recently released. The image of black witch that Angelina Jolie acted in this film is so impressive. In the original fairy tale, the role she played is a bad woman. But this film has a lot of different places with the original story. Angelina Jolie’s makeup and clothes are so cool in this film. The so-called bad girls in the film often wear tight leather coats which are as close as the second layer of their skin, dangerous and sexy high heels. Their sharp eyes will make opponents knees to surrender. The “bad women” in the films make movies more attractive. Let’s count the “bad women” in the films.


Maleficent - Angelina Jolie

This film is adapted from the classic fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty”. The makeup of Angelina Jolie in this film is a little scaring. Her classic red lip and high cheekbones look very eery. Angelina Jolie is nearly 40 years old, she announced that she will not act in any film after this film. From her debut, her unique personality is very outstanding in the entertainment business. Needless to say, she is one of the most controversial actresses. She is unparalleled and can’t be copied.


The Chronicles of Narnia - Tilda Swinton

The white witch that Tilda Swinton acted in the Narnia Trilogy is deeply rooted in people's hearts. Narnia Trilogy is the muse of many directors, artists and boutique brands. Her unique neutral temperament is very charming. I have to say that her style in “The Chronicles of Narnia” is not only very cool but also very fashion. She won the "Snow Queen" title because of this role.



Snow White And The Huntsman - Charlize Theron

The film “Snow White And The Huntsman” subverted the classic story. The most eye-catching role in this film is the bad queen that Charlize Theron acted. Super gorgeous jewelry and Charlize Theron’s perfect figure impressed me so much in this film. The bad queen is the most charming villain role in recent years.



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