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Steal the Blondes' Styles in Hitchcock Films

The films were filled with fresh beauty ideas that would be perfect for your everyday dress and special occasion dress. Let’s list some charming blondes in Hitchcock films and see if we can steal some of their styles in the films for our daily look or special occasion look.

Ingrid Bergman, Notorious, 1946
Ingrid Bergman had a legend lifetime. She got extraordinary achievements during her film career. She was the woman that loved by director Alfred Hitchcock in his whole life. She admired Alfred’s excellent movie talent and had starred in three Hitchcock films. Of all the Hitchcock films she starred in, the film "Notorious" id the most famous. Ingrid Bergman was known as "Hollywood First Lady". She was elegant and had wonderful fashion taste. You can steal her look in the film for your fall party.



Eva Marie Saint, North by Northwest, 1959
“North by Northwest” was directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1959. It was said that Alfred was not satisfied with the costumes that the film company designed for Eva Marie Saint. He took Eva Marie Saint to Bergdorf Goodman to select the film costumes, most of the clothes appeared in this film came from that shopping mall. Look at this boat neck dress. This dress was a typical 1950s style dress. It still looked amazing in today’s aesthetic vision.



Marlene Dietrich, Stage Fright, 1950
Marlene Dietrich was the dream lover of many fans. She was such a charming lady that fashion designer Giorgio Armani had talked about the impact of Marlene Dietrich on his style for more than once. We can still see the unique and mysterious elegance that belonged to Marlene Dietrich in many of Armani’s designs.



Tippi Hedren, Marnie, 1964
Tippi Hedren was a glamorous blonde. She showed her excellent superb acting to her film fans. She acted in the film “Marnie” in 1964. Her neutral look in this film captured the hearts of countless fans. Until now, the classic pants she wore are still irreplaceable trend in fashion circle.



Grace Kelly, Rear Window, 1954
The black and white dress that Grace Kelly wore in the film “Rear Window” was so impressive that we can still see dresses which were inspired by “New Look” on the runways of Dior and Oscar de la Renta. Grace Kelly’s elegant and sexy style influenced several generations. You can steal Grace Kelly’s look for your bid day. View similar wedding dresses at LunaDress.



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