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Are Long Dresses Patent For Tall Girls

Do you like the feeling of glamour and grace? Then you should choose the elegant long dresses. However, many petite girls think that long dresses are patent for tall girls? Is it true? Of course not! In fact, small girls can still wear long dresses! In this article, I will let you know that the long dresses are not just suit for tall and slim girls. You can still be charming and elegant in floor length dress even your height is below 162cm! I will offer you five dressing ideas.

First, you can wear your long dress with a slim vest. Usually, small girls would appear shorter in maxi dresses. The long dress sweep will draw people’s attention to the bottom. So if you want to shift the focus, you can choose a little jacket or a vest with light colors to wear with the long dress.


Second, match your dress with a T-shirt. If you want people to focus on the top of your body, you can choose a T-shirt with unique patterns on the chest. In this case, people will not notice your height.


Third, wear bags with metallic colors. If you choose long dresses, then you’d better wear too small and too delicate bags. Large metallic colored bags are very popular in this year. You can increase your fashion degree in seconds with such a stylish bag.

Fourth, choose a long sleeve shirt. Keep this in mind: keeping all the clothes and accessories simple will make you look more beautiful. A simple long sleeve shirt can further reduce the roadbed height visually.


Fifth, wear a plain white round neck shirt. Hairs with a little inflated sense will make you look charming and elegant. If you have long hairs, you can simply tie them up with a rubber band.

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