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How to wear “oldish” colors this winter

Some preconceived notions often give us wrong understanding about some colors. Colors like dark green, camel and wine red are often tagged as “oldish”. In fact, there are no ugly colors. As long as you have matched the colors well, the so called “oldish” colors would make you look youthful and stylish. Let’s have a look the street snaps of the fashion icons and find some dressing inspiration.
Dark greenis a mixture ofblack andgreen. Usually, the color black relates to the hidden, the secretive and the unknown, and as a result it creates an air of mystery. And the color green symbolizes nature, fertility, life. Dark green combines thefeatures oftwo colors. However, many people use words like “dull” and “old-fashioned” to describe this color.View tons of dark green prom dresses here. 
As popular New York high society beauty, Olivia Palermo has wonderful fashion tastes and color matching skill. She looked really stylish in this red and green look. Usually, many people dare not to wear red and green. They thought it would be too tacky. The dark green fur coat suited her well. The dark green fur coat exuded a kind of low-key luxury. The dark red pencil pants she wore echoed perfectly with the dark green coat. She looked so stylish!
Camel comes from nature. It’s the color of the vast desert and tough rock. Interestingly, this natural color has a very urban flavor. But many people dare not to trythis color since they would be tagged as “oldish” easily. In fact, it’s very easy to wear camel. The key is to choose a suitable camel coat.
Actress Kate Bosworth, who has "real Barbie" reputation, chose a camel coat with simple and clean lines. Kate looked so noble and elegant in this super long camel coat. Her golden pointed boots added a touch offashion sense to the whole look.
In the eyes of many people, wine red is a very mature color. We often see wine red on many formal occasions like red carpet. Many young girls seldom wear this color in their daily lives. In fact, you can use wine red to create romantic and elegant feeling.
Reese Witherspoon looked youthful and modern in a wine red sweater and denim jeans. Many people would match wine red with colors like black and white. While Reese chose a light blue denim jeans to match with her wine red sweater, very creative. Her wine red high heels echoed perfectly with her sweater.